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Shake&Take case study – How to create digital marketing promotion?

Social media, online marketing and quality content are the obvious answers, but is it enough? If you do it right and have quality and relevant content, often it is. Also, you have to dig deep and create something new. As a result, that will engage your customers and create better relationship with them.

As a startup company we created a software platform that is called Shake&Take. It is a customer loyalty Android and iPhone app, that significantly increased sales and created easy consumer journey from the first impression to the point of sale.

Coca-Cola nation-wide campaign as a first case study

Our very first client was none other than Coca-Cola. They were looking for a digital tool that can accomplish key goals which were:

  • Establishing more effective communication with target group teens.
  • Increasing the sale of 0,5 L PET Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta and Sprite bottles during the promotion period.

First of all we pitched our freshly developed digital platform ShakeAD and proposed full customization of the platform to Coca-Cola’s preferences and needs. Idea was to find compliable and recognizable brands willing to become partners in Coca-Cola’s nation-wide promotion. They will be able to promote their products and services to specific target groups, through giveaways, discounts and gifts. I.e. CineStar, Pickbox, Uber, McDonald’s and Universal Music Group are just a number of partners who participated in promotion.


We were surprised when we saw how much Coca-Cola was excited to work with us. Very soon we started the ongoing two-year collaboration. To be honest, it was a bold move to rely on a completely new product that hasn’t been tested on the market. At that time, we were under great pressure to meet the Coca-Cola’s big expectations.

Shake&Take project isn’t just software development product lease, it is much more than that. Coca-Cola wanted whole key-in-hand solution from us. Besides development, our scope of work in Shake&Take is:

  • Partner identification and strategy development for each potential partner brand
  • Presentation and negotiations with potential partners
  • Definition and maintenance of prizes and awards for each partner
  • Content preparation and administration throughout the whole promotion period
  • Technical maintenance of the ShakeAD platform
  • Server architecture planning and server maintenance
  • Data base protection and statistical analysis of the collected data


Overall,  we can proudly say that we have met the expectations, and exceeded them.

After the first nine-week long Coca-Cola’s nation-wide Shake&Take promotion, results were beyond expectations. The campaign managed to win first Coca-Cola’s Effie award.

After the unexpectedly high success of 2016 Shake&Take, very soon we continued collaboration on 2017 “Shake&Take 2.0”. It lasted 5 months and yielded more than 100 % better results, when compared with the first Shake&Take promotion. Only on Shake&Take 2.0 we managed to gather around 120 000 unique users on a 4 000 000 people market in 5 months.

Some of the numbers we like to brag about can be seen in the infographic.

If you like the Shake&Take story and you think that your brand, or brand that you work for might need similar solution, please feel free to contact us via email form. 🙂


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