Our team

Luka Justinijanović - CEO

Born and raised in Zagreb. Luka is a natural-born entrepreneur with a passion for innovative ideas and solutions, which make life easier for both companies and every-day people. He is always smiling, even when it's raining. In addition to his journalist background, he has extensive experience in project management, and he is always prepared to handle all sorts of situations.

Luka loves sports in general, but basketball is his favourite game. He comes to work by bicycle carrying his extremely likeable dog Lilly in his backpack.

Luka Šipić – Account Manager

Born and raised in Split, Luka is your atypical Dalmatian. His public relations and media background give him the necessary skills to communicate with clients and partners. He is proactive, takes the initiative and is always ready to suggest creative solutions. He is also experienced in community management and Facebook advertising, but writing is his greatest passion and one of the best ways to express himself.

Always ready to improve communication and presentation skills.

Sports is his biggest love, especially football. He loves to travel, and always find the way for a positive day.

Luka Švaglić- Junior Project Manager

Combining his background in event management and an intuitive understanding of modern culture, Luka takes on all of his tasks with a smile. He is an ambitious, fast adapting professional who works admirably under pressure and is a true team player.

I guess it has something to do with all the years he spent being a member of a hockey team, and occasionally getting punched in the face. He is talented and clear-sighted (great hearing, too) and will use his good instincts to see any challenge through.

Leo Govorko – Head of Mobile Apps

Born in Split, raised in Zagreb. He is our bug guy. An experienced master software engineer and application developer specializing in Unity3D, Web and full stack development.

Leo builds mobile apps using best-of-breed tools and a range of features that deliver an exceptional user design and experience.

Behind the scenes Leo is a night bird, loves to listen to loud music and play PC games.

Jadrana Ćurković – Head of Marketing and PR

Born and raised in Zagreb. Our lifetime mentor and music encyclopedia, always keeping us on track. Her energy helps us to achieve impossible things, and for her sky is the limit. Her marketing background and professional experience give our clients a guarantee of success.

There are a lot of things that she likes, but travelling and cooking would probably be enough to express her personality.

Kristian Ačkar – Head of Web Development

Born and raised in Zagreb. He is a PlayAD human machine that turns coffee into code. Kristian gained experience in Web and full-stack development working at Core Incubator. With his extremely practical approach to web design he can create solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding clients.

Can you imagine a developer who plays football, while reading history books and cradling his baby girl in his hands? Yes, it's possible.

Tea Vranek - Account Manager

Born and raised in Zagreb.
Our office queen and early morning bird. She successfully balances fun-time and work. Tea is always in the mood to help her team mates. Her combination of an Economics and Business Communication degree along with experience in social media management makes her the perfect Account Manager.

Tea will take care of your business like it's her own.
Loves to spend time with Gea, her mini Schnauzer.

Branko Špiljak – Head of Server Backend

Born and raised in Zagreb. Branko is a master of mathematics and Microsoft tech guru with unmatched programming experience with .NET technologies and distributed computing. He is our brain, machinery that works behind the scenes. Branko is responsible for handling data storage and ensuring content gets delivered to the front end.

His mind is always on, especially when he plays bridge, his favourite game.

Dino Dedić – Board member

Born and raised in Zagreb. Dino is a huge business enthusiast and young manager with the background in economics. Dino’s professional strength in business organization and project management is helping us to act fast and smart.
He likes to stress out most important things and provide useful advice which improves our business processes and efficiency.

Beside PlayAD, Dino is a board member in a few different companies, has a beautiful daughter, so we believe he has more than 24 hours in one day.

Nino Peran - Board member

Born and raised in Zagreb. He is the tallest in our company, but he always stays low profile. Nino has many characteristics of a quality board member. He is flexible, confident, persistent and has great discipline. Attention to detail is one of his strengths because it demonstrates that we're thorough which in turn inevitably builds trust with our customers.

Our company is dog-friendly, and yes, Nino also has a dog, Rhodri. He also loves sports, recreation, and long walks.

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